Q: What is a Postgraduate or PG?
A: Anyone who has graduated from high school and has not entered college is considered a Postgraduate or PG. Postgraduate programs can be for one semester or for a full year depending on the program and the needs of the individual.

Q: Who might be a Candidate to be a PG?
A: Reasons for pursuing a PG program depend on the individual. Some of the most common reasons for an athlete include:
Need further development as an athlete.
Need further physical growth and development.
Need to raise GPA for NCAA or a specific school.
Need to raise SAT or ACT for NCAA or specific school.
Need exposure at a higher level of competition.
Unhappy with college choices coming out of high school.

Q: How do Colleges View a Postgraduate Program?
A: Very favorably! Both the college admissions offices and college coaches appreciate young men who have additional preparation behind them as they are more prepared to succeed at the next level.

Q: How Can Being a PG Help You?
A: College retention for a PG is higher because you will have already gone through the experience of being away from home, will have gone through a truly structured program, and will correct any errors in time management BEFORE you go to college.

Q: Can a PG Play Sports?
A: Not only can you play but you can play at a college level with games not only against other PG programs but against college freshmen and junior varsity teams. This not only gives you college exposure, but you lose no NCAA eligibility.

Q: When do You Apply to a PG Program?
A: Most candidates who are considering a PG year are concurrently also considering college choices as well. The earlier you begin the process, the better as spots in PG programs are even more limited than most colleges because there are many, many more colleges than PG programs and the amount of PG candidates are far greater than the amount of spots available on a national basis. Basic supply and demand.

Q: What Makes Virginia Prep Sports Academy a Special and Superior PG Football Program?
A: There are too many reasons to list but let’s start with:

A Coaching staff with all staff members with College Level experience.

A Schedule that is as competitive as there is in the Nation at the PG level, giving you the platform to fill your recruiting goals!

A highly structured daily program that will truly prepare you for the college level both on the field and in the classroom.

Daily core course and ACT prep work that will enable you to have the Qualifications you need for the NCAA and or a specific college.

Unmatched quality housing and dining!


One semester of intense work and placement into college for the spring semester (if qualified) in order to participate in Spring Football.