Dion Brinkley

Director of athletics

Dion Brinkley was born and raised in Lynchburg, VA. He graduated E.C. Glass High School in 1999 and went into the military upon graduation. Dion was a member of the United States Air Force Security Forces from 1999-2010. While in the Air Force, he was stationed in Montana, Turkey, Texas, and Washington D.C. while temporarily deploying to Florida and Iraq during his 10 years serving the military. He was certified as a Military Working Dog Handler before being Honorably Discharged in June of 2010.

After the military, he moved to Washington State and began playing football for the Tacoma Cobras. He played Defensive End, Defensive Tackle, and Offensive Guard for the 2011 Pro-Developmental Football League championship team. Once he moved back to Virginia he played defensive end and defensive tackle for the semi-pro football team, Virginia Storm. The following year he would become the General Manager for the Virginia Tigers semi-pro football team.

In 2019, Dion and Jack Woodson reunited and came to an agreement to bring DIon on as the Athletic Director and Director of Media for the VPSA Cardinals.